Capital Garment’s rich history has been in the making for 71 years. It began with its founder, Joseph Cymbalista, whose true love for tailoring is still reflected in our garments today.

In 1944, Joseph Cymbalista, tailor since age 12, chose to leave Europe with his family and settle in Montreal, where he purchased the bankrupted Capital Garment. He quickly transformed Capital Garment into a profitable raincoat manufacturer. Joseph’s first innovation was the reversible raincoat, which quickly became a hit throughout North America. However soon after, the Japanese plastic raincoats selling for only $3.99, flooded the market. Constantly adapting to the market, Joseph began manufacturing wool coats and was the first to add fur trimmings on its garments. In 1956 Joseph’s son Armand took over Capital Garment.

Always ahead of their times, Capital Garment kept innovating and stayed ahead of it’s competition. They were one of the first to move part of their production abroad. In 1963 they began producing leather garments in Hungary. In 1973, as the cost of labor kept increasing in Canada, they relocated part of their production to Korea and then eventually to China in 1976.
In the early 80s, when poly-fill became a popular filler for coats, it was very stiff, and difficult to use in garments. The team of designers at Capital eventually became the first to discover that Dupont’s Thermaloft, had the same heat retention properties as poly-fill, without its stiffness.

Today Capital Garment is still constantly changing with the times, finding new markets, and developing new fabrics and insulators. Their 71 year existence as one of Canada’s leading wholesalers for men, women, children and babies outerwear, is a testament of their excellence and proof of their ability to constantly remain ahead of their industry. Today, Capital Garment is led by Armand Cymbalista and his partner Arie Dahan. In keeping with Joseph’s desire to always offer fashion and quality, every garment is carefully designed, and engineered in CGC’s head office in Montreal.

  • Over 71 years of experience in outerwear
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Extensive overseas manufacturing network
  • Existing relationships with suppliers
  • Partnerships with international transport firms
  • International offices and sales representatives
  • Experience developing outerwear for brands
  • 5 houses brands