Here’s what some of our customers have to say about our products…

I ordered this online, not expecting too much since I hadn’t tried it on and was only going by the photo. But the price was right and it was long, just what I wanted. Huge surprise when I took it out of the box – it was gorgeous. Then, slipping it on – perfect fit AND look.

I have never had a coat I love as much as this one. It is truly beautiful –
yet also warm enough for our frigid Minnesota winters. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Gahh! It’s gorgeous! This coat is very warm and very luxurious, it may be the nicest coat I’ve ever owned! It’s very soft and cozy, it’s just like walking around inside of a little cloud!

I received this for Christmas and wore it Christmas day and everyone loved it. I had women saying “Would you mind if I ordered the same coat?”

This coat is beautiful!!! It’s not as heavy as it looks, so it’s perfect for cool weather, but it would also be warm enough for cold weather. The first time I wore it, I received FIVE compliments on it in the first 2 places I went!!!! And they weren’t just simple compliments — the ladies just kept talking about it, had to feel it and expressed surprise when I told them it is machine washable!! I hope it holds up well during washing because I just love this coat!!!

The first day I wore it out shopping I got all kinds of positive “You have to tell me where you got that!” comments. I’m very happy with this purchase. The outside pockets are deep and zippered, so that’s great. The material is sleek and classy and the the fake fur is very soft.

Typically, with a coat such as this, you have a button or two that are loose right from the start, but not this one. Every button is tightly connected. Every button hole is just the right size for the buttons. The belt has a buckle or can be tied. There are straps at the cuffs with buckles as well. When buttoned all the way up, there is also a throat-cover detail that buttons across for extra rain/wind protection. The sleeves are seemingly perfectly tailored, without being too short or too long.

I recently purchase one of your coats (Nuage Women’s Napa Coat) and I absolutely adore it.

Nice poly-down jacket. I wanted something lighter for cool spring nights and this is perfect.

I bought one of your coats about 8 years ago. I love it. I have been looking for a new coat for years but nothing compares. It’s so soft and doesn’t hold any pet hair or lint. It’s so light weight. I just love it.